Dennis Richardson Campaign Event at Oregon State University

Saturday January 11, 2014

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Oregon State University – Kearney 112

Corvallis, Oregon 

Dennis Richardson Campaign Event at Oregon State University

2:00 pm  Attendees are welcomed

2:07 pm  County leadership and PCPs are recognized and welcomed by County

2:12 pm  Rep. Dennis Richardson is introduced

2:15 pm  Dennis Richardson speaks

2:35 pm  Written questions collected from audience and presented to Dennis Richardson

2:50 pm  10 min. break

3:00 pm  an Issues Discussion Panel chaired by Dennis Richardson.

 1.      Environment and the economy

2.      National health care and limited government

3.      Urban growth boundaries and private land use rights

4.      Government surveillance/war on terror and

          individual freedom/personal rights

5.      PERS and balancing Oregon’s budget

6.      Value of college education in getting jobs and cost of school.

4:30 pm Meet & greet/one-on-one time/small group discussions

5:00 pm Adjournment

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