Top 7 Ways to Support the Second Amendment at OSU

1. Buy Drawing Tickets

Sig Sauer 250SC-380 - Prize 2015
Sig Sauer 250SC-380 – Prize 2015
Remington MODEL 870 EXPRESS - Prize 2015
Remington MODEL 870 EXPRESS – Prize 2015


We have some great prizes and tickets are selling now. More info

2. Come See Lars Larson In the Quad

Second Amendment Week 2014

Lars Larson will do his live radio show from the quad the last day of our Second Amendment Week. More info

3. Attend the Concealed Cary Class

Second Amendment Week 2014

Students will be able to get their concealed cary certificat for free from the Jacobe Group. More info

4. Support College Republicans at the Debate

First Amendment Week 2015 College Republicans and College Democrats.

We have invited the College Democrats to debate us on a variety of issues regarding the Second Amendment. More info

5. Come to our Weekly Meeting

Ben Pollock (Candidate for CD5) visiting with the OSU College Republicans - 2013

We will have our regular meeting during our Second Amendment please join us for a fun meeting focused on the Second Amendment. More info

6. Stop by our booth in the quad

Second Amendment Week 2014

The week before and week of Second Amendment Week we will have College Republicans in the quad spreading the word and selling tickets.

7. Share our message/ events on Social Media

Please share about our events and message on social media to make this second amendment week the best possible.