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Get your tickets now! Drawing April 24th.


Prizes for Drawing:


  • Sig Sauer 250SC-380

Sig Sauer 250SC-380 - Prize 2015

  • Remington Model 870 Express870


  • Ultimate Gun Range Pack

    1. CP99 Compact
    2. Range Bag
    3. Rifle Sling
    4. Electronic Hearing Protection
    5. Safety Glasses
    6. Concealment Holster
    7. Gun Sling
    8. Steadying tripod


  •  Gun Cleaning Pack

    1. Handgun Cleaning kit
    2. Hand gun Oil
    3. Handgun Recoil Reducer
    4. Vertical Grip
    5. Easy Loader


  •  Hunters pack

    1. Scrape Dripper
    2. Camp Dry
    3. Buck lickers


Winners must comply will all National and State Laws including but not limited to: age requirements, background checks, and transfers.

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