Register to Vote

The College Republicans at Oregon State University are working hard to register as many people to vote as possible, regardless of political party. Everything you need to Register/Check Voter Status is here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or your County Election Officials.

Step 1: Check Registration

If you have previously registered to vote you can check to see your status and where your ballot will be sent.

Step 2: Register to Vote

If your not registered to vote or would like to change your registration address you can do so online. Remember you must register 21 days before an election to vote in it. You can only vote in the primary election for the party you register with. So you will only be allowed to vote in the Republican primary if you register Republican.


      • Oregon resident
      • United States citizen
      • 18 years or older by the date of the election

Step 3: Getting your Ballot

Your ballot will be sent to the address you used on your registration. If you would like your ballot sent to another address fill out the following form. Absentee Ballot Request

Step 4: Vote

Fill out your ballot and mail it to your local county County Election Office or drop it off at your local post office, library, etc. The Oregon State University College Republicans to collect ballots around campus the week before election day.

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